Ancient Egypt - Geography

The Impact of Geography on Life in Egypt

All year you have learning about how "where you live affects how you live." You know that geography had a large impact on early humans who struggled to survive in their environment and developed technologies that were new for them in order to survive and thrive. Then, you learned about the ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia who learned to harness their environment through the construction of irrigation canals and levees to control flooding and make the "land between the rivers" a suitable place for their farming communities. These farming communities developed into advanced societies, many times because the harsh environment taught these people the skills needed to work together.

The impact of geography on life in Egypt was no less than in Mesopotamia. As you learn about the geography of Egypt, try to make connections to your past studies and prior knowledge and make inferences about how the geography impacted life in Egypt.

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external image moz-screenshot.pngAfrica: Satellite Map ................................ Africa: Physical Map ................................ Egypt: Satellite Map

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