A Tour of Washington, D.C.: A Fifth Grade Webquest
What is a WebQuest? A WebQuest is an online task that you attempt to complete while visiting different websites related to the topic of the WebQuest.

Your Task: You will be investigating America's founding documents (The Constitution and the Declaration of Independence) as well as symbols of our country as you attempt to plan out a trip through Washington D.C. for yourself and a visitor from a foreign country. Your goal is to teach your visitor about the history of the United States through visiting different places in Washington. You will be creating either an illustrated map, travel brochure, or a scrapbook/photo album of your virtual trip to Washington to demonstrate what you have learned. If you have other ideas for a product, check with your teacher!

You will be answering such questions as:
  • What were the main purposes of the Declaration of Independence?
  • What is the purpose of the United States Constitution?
  • Why is the national anthem, "The Star Spangled Banner," a symbol of our nation?
  • What other symbols of our nation are there and what do they mean?

You may work on your own or with a group. If you choose to work in a group, click here to see the roles for each member of your group.

Ready to start? CLICK HERE to begin! Enjoy your "trip!"