Summative Assessment

Complete a real estate brochure to demonstrate what you have learned about the impact of geography on life in Egypt. You may want to visit the following websites for more information on the plants and animals who lived along the Nile and information about the building materials available. As you complete this assignment, remember your audience is people from Mesopotamia so make sure you include information that would be particularly enticing to them! You may choose to complete this brochure and pass in a hard copy to Mrs. Gablaski, or upload your product to GoogleDocs and share with Mrs. Gablaski (

Websites for extra information:
Animals in ancient Egypt
Plants in ancient Egypt
Geography and agriculture of ancient Egypt

Links to samples: These samples are not related to Egypt, but will show you what an actual brochure looks like to give you some ideas for yours.

Grading - Expectation (4): Brochure or flyer demonstrates understanding of how the geography of Egypt impacted the civilization that developed there by including all required topics with specific details. Product is effective in communicating knowledge to the audience and an understanding of the author's role and the audience is obvious. Overall good effort is demonstrated.

This concludes the first part of our study of ancient Egypt. The next topic we will be studying is the religious beliefs of the Egyptians by reading some of their myths. Click HERE to begin this topic!