Leadership in Ancient Egypt

No civilization can endure for long without a good leader or a group of people who offer good leadership. Egypt was no different. The monarch of Egypt, the Pharaoh, had supreme power due to the belief that he was not only a human ruler but also a god who would protect his people in the afterlife. Poor leaders can cause chaos, social unrest and even the collapse of their civilization.

Task: Choose any pharaoh of ancient Egypt and create a FaceBook page for them. (Use the template below.) Include basic information like the date of his or her reign, spouses, children, etc. and add posts to the page that depict some of the most important parts of their reign, both good and bad.

Challenge: (optional): Think about modern day leaders. These can be political leaders, school leaders, or leaders in the community. Compare their leadership style and accomplishments with the pharaoh you researched. Write a one- or two- paragraph response comparing the two leaders.

A list of pharaohs can be found at Wikipedia and this site includes some more well-known pharaohs.

Download this document, save to your desktop, and type your information onto it.