Lewis and Clark's Expedition Investigation

adapted from Social Studies and the young Learner 23 (3), pp. P1-P4, 2011, A. Helm, K. Pierce, M. Galloway
Investigation Question: In what ways did the environment and the Native peoples influence Lewis and Clark's expedition?

  • Explain and give examples of how people adapted to or modified the environment (natural resources, physical geography, natural disasters) to meet their needs during the history of the United States.
  • Describe how the physical environment helped and hurt settlement during the time of Westward Expansion.
  • Use a variety of primary and secondary sources to describe important events in U.S. history and to interpret different perspectives.

During this investigation, you will be looking at clues related to the Lewis and Clark Expedition in order to answer the "Investigation Question" above.

First, pretend you are going on a trip into the wilderness for 2 years. What would be absolutely necessary for you to take with you? Click on external image hikers.jpgthe Discussion tab above and list the items you thought of. Read the items listed by other students. Do you think someone is bringing something they don't need? Is there an item that someone forgot? Write back to people to let them know!

Next, think about what items might be available in nature (no stores!) for you to get along your journey. Click on the Discussion tab again and write your thoughts about this prompt.

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