Lewis and Clark Expedition Investigation
The Clues!

Below are links to 12 clues related to the Lewis and Clark Expedition. (If you are unfamiliar with this expedition, click here for some background information.) Investigate each of the 12 clues in order to develop a thorough answer to the Investigation Question: In what ways did the environment and the Native peoples influence Lewis and Clark's expedition? After reviewing clues, there is a task for you to complete to help you better understand the information.

Clue 1: Thimble and journal entry
Clue 2: Lye soap and journal entry
Clue 3: Whetstone and journal entry
Clue 4: Keelboat and journal entry
Clue 5: Powder horn and journal entry
Clue 6: Shoshone tribe and journal entry
Clue 7: Pine and Elk picture with journal entry
Clue 8: Lewis and Clark packing list
Clue 9: Map of Lewis and Clark's Route
Clue 10: Article: "Portage Weather," Great Falls Tribune
Clue 11: Larry Winslow, "Five Months of Winter" article, Great Falls Tribune
Clue 12: "Portaging the Falls," article, Great Falls Tribune