The Persian War

WHAT IF......

The outcome of the Persian War can be seen as a pivotal moment in history. The culture of the Greeks has had a HUGE impact on our society and culture today and in fact, on all western nations. So, what if.... the Persians were successful in conquering the Greeks? In actuality, it was only a small portion of Greek city-states who opposed them. City-states as large and powerful as Thebes and Corinth had entered an agreement with the Persians thinking fighting them was an impossible task that would only lead to the destruction of their city-states. Only 51 Greek city-states, out of the over 225 independent city-states, under the leadership of Sparta and Athens, decided to fight against the Persians in protection of their land, rights, and freedom. They were not willing to live under a dictator and have no say in their lives.

As you have learned, the Greeks were only able to win key battles of the Persian War (Salamis and Plataea) through sheer force of will and a little luck. With the Greek victory, the Persian Empire was so weakened and demoralized that it eventually fell. WHAT IF the Greeks had lost the war against the Persians? What would the world be like today?

Research the life of the Persians by using the links below. First, create a 10-square Cultural Universal to show what life was life for people in the Persian Empire. This document is a blank that you can print and fill in or type your information onto. Please include at least one picture with each topic. If you would like a larger piece of paper, see your teacher or Mrs. Gablaski.

Then, create a product of your choice to show what the world (or the U.S., or a town in the U.S.) would be like if the Persians had conquered the Greeks and been the culture that influenced the West?

The Persians
Cyrus and the Persian Empire
Forgotten Empire: the World of Ancient Persia (from the British Museum)