The Myths of Ancient Egypt

Directions: Read THREE myths of the Ancient Egyptians - the Creation Myth, the myth of Isis and Osiris and one of your choice. After reading each, click on the DISCUSSION tab at the top and contribute your thoughts.

The ancient Egyptians did not know as much about what caused changes in their environment as we do today. Click on the link below and read the Egyptian Creation Myth which explains how they believe the world was created. As you read, look for connections to natural occurrences that Egyptians were trying to explain through this myth. Also, think about any connections or similarities to other creation stories with which you may be familiar.

Ancient Egyptian Creation Myth

After reading the creation myth, click on the discussion tab at the top of this page to participate in a discussion about this myth.

The myth of Isis and Osiris is perhaps the most well-known of the Egyptian myths. As you read the myth, think about what major religious practice and belief this Egyptian myth is attempting to explain. Also, think about what this myth tells about the role of women in ancient Egypt.

The Myth of Isis and Osiris

Now, read a myth of your choice and let the rest of us know what it was about: Who are the main characters? What is the plot? How is it resolved? What natural event is being explained or what belief is explained?

List of additional myths

(just not the last myth)

Evaluation: You will be assessed based on the quality of the discussion threads you post above.