A Tomb for the Pharaoh

Cultural and Religious Aspects

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Task 2: Now that you have a tomb design, your work is just beginning. You need to plan how to fill the chambers to make sure the pharaoh is happy and well-cared for in his 3,000 year afterlife. This must include pieces of art (sculptures, poems, paintings for the walls), and artifacts of daily life and religious significance that were required to help the pharaoh in the afterlife.

Research to determine the items that were included in actual Egyptian tombs and create a presentation that gives an overview of the items that will be included in the tomb you are constructing. Include a visual of items, captions to explain what they are and why they are included, and what workers you will employ in order to accumulate these items.

You will present to pharaoh to get his or her approval of the items you are including in the tomb.

Part 3....

Chapter 5, "Ancient Egypt" McDougal Littell textbook

Ancient Egypt: The British Museum. Visit "Egyptian Life," "Gods and Goddesses," Mummification," "Pharaoh," and "Writing" to learn about tomb paintings and decoration, the afterlife, coffins, scribes, and tomb paintings.

Egypt, Secrets of the Ancient World: National Geographic. Visit "Introduction to Pyramids" for an overview of ancient Egypt that will give you a foundation of knowledge related to pyramids.

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