A Tomb for the Pharaoh

(adapted from the Classzone.com webquest)

Task: The pharaoh has declared, "I must have the finest burial place the world has ever seen!" He wants to see a design for the building of his tomb within a week. It is a great honor to assist in the building of a magnificent structure for him, but will not be an easy task.

Part 1: You will be working either on your own or with a small group to divide the following tasks:

  • Determine which tomb you will be constructing - a pyramid or a series of chambers in the Valley of the Kings.
  • Choose which pharaoh for whom you will be constructing a tomb - research carefully to make sure the pharaoh you choose would actually have used the type of tomb you will be constructing.
  • Determine the best location in which to build the tomb.
    • Research to determine where the tomb should be located based on both Egyptian religious beliefs and geography (what kind of land should the tomb be built upon to support the weight and / or engineering needed?) Complete a two-paragraph explanation that includes a map to tell where the location of the tomb will be and why you chose this location.
  • Draw a diagram of the the tomb to scale. Include all the interior chambers, making sure you label each room with a caption to tell its purpose.
The architectural team will then give an oral presentation before the pharaoh.


Pyramid Challenge: Can you build your own pyramid? Plan all the steps in this interactive game and see if you are successful! Use the information in your Tomb project if you wish.

The Pyramids of Giza: Plans, facts, and other information about the pyramids.

The Theban Mapping Projectgives a great overview and visual of the Valley of the Kings.

The Valley of the Kings: an overview that will give you a foundation of knowledge related to the tombs here.

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