Tour Ancient Egypt!

You are the representative of a very unique tour company. You travel with small groups of students back in time to ancient Egypt to learn first hand about daily life, geography, culture, religious beliefs and the government. In order for everyone to be as prepared as possible for the trip, you must develop a travel guide to prepare the group for what they will experience and how they should prepare.

Your travel guide should be in the form of a booklet and must contain factual information about the following topics:
  • Geography and Climate - What are the major geographic features you will see? How does the geography impact life in Egypt_sat_map.jpgEgypt? What is the temperature? What types of clothing should the students pack?

  • Culture - What specific beliefs did the ancient Egyptians have that were unique to their civilization? Visit the Myths of Ancient Egypt page and read and summarize one myth for the travel guide. Explain how the myth you chose is related to the values and beliefs of the ancient Egyptians.
  • Social Class - What jobs will your group see people participating in? Which are the most important and why? Choose two jobs to describe in more detail. What skills and knowledge are needed to complete this job? What responsibilities and benefits are there for those who have this job? How does this job add to the economy and/or culture of ancient Egypt?Egyptian_Social_Classes2.bmp

  • Government - What form of government did the ancient Egyptians have? How is the government connected to religious beliefs? Who is in power at the time period you are traveling to? What is this leader known for? Complete a short biography of this leader. Also, explain what other jobs are present to help run the government.

  • Achievements - What achievements in the arts, sciences, mathematics, etc are the Egyptians known for? How will modern-day people be impacted by these achievements?

  • "Must See" Section - What artifacts or places will you be sure to visit with students while in ancient Egypt? You must include at least 5 and show them on a map with captions explaining what these "must see" places are and why they are a "must" for any visitor to ancient Egypt to see.
  • Giza.jpg

  • The Return Trip - You will have to spend a little bit of time in modern-day Egypt when you return to re-acclimate yourself to the present time period and to recover from the time travel experience. What can students expect to experience in modern-day Egypt? How is the religion and government system different from ancient times? What links to the past can still be experienced?